Cyfarthfa Castle

Built in 1824, Cyfarthfa Castle is also home to a museum and art gallery and is often described as the most impressive monument of the Industrial Iron Age in South Wales.

Caerphilly Castle

Located right in the middle of Caerphilly, this castle is a giant which you can’t miss! You may recognise it from various TV shows such as Doctor Who and Merlin.

Castell Coch

Just outside of Cardiff, Castell Coch (Red Castle) is surrounded by stunning woodland and is often called the Fairy Castle. It has featured in various TV & film productions.

Cardiff Castle

Located in the city centre of Cardiff, this castle has become a site of international significance and it’s towers are full of 2000 years of history. Be sure to climb to the top of the medieval keep!

Raglan Castle

Set in the middle of the countryside, Raglan Castle is an impressive set of Welsh ruins waiting to be explored. The top of the tower offers a spectacular panoramic view of the countryside.

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